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Traditional understanding of banking, expertise and passion

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Our Services

As a reputable, experienced family office, we offer a wide range of services. We deal with long-term asset protection and value appreciation as well as performance and cost optimization. As a result, we are able to explicitly address our customer's wide-ranging needs and serve them professionally - with the discretion and integrity of a Swiss bank.

Asset tests, risk profile creation and strategy development

There is a good reason why we conduct a detailed conversation with our clients in the first step. We discuss objectives and ideas in detail, test the amount of assets available and create a personal risk profile. Only after to base our collaboration. Individual customer preference determines whether we support you with our consultancy services or are given our own scope for discretion. Of course we monitor performance on a permanent basis in order to make useful adjustments to changes in the market and reliably implement our customers wishes.

Optimization of income, wealth, capital gains, gift or inheritance tax

The issue of taxes plays an important role in asset protection. After all, our customers are confronted with acomplex combination of income, wealth, capital gains, gift and inheritance taxes. In order to ensure that the basic strategy best addresses our customers situation and is also sustainable and efficient with regard to taxes, we rely on partnerships with established specialists.

Succession planning for long-term asset management

Long-term asset management involves preparing and realizing the smooth, consistent transfer of assets from one generation to the next. With suitable structures that are tailored to the respective needs and objectives of our customers, we aim to avoid any unnecessary financial effects and aggravation for the parties concerned.

Cost reductions thanks to partnerships with premium financial institutions

As experts in the field of asset management, we have developed and maintained strategic partnerships with carefully selected banks over the years. In return, our customers benefit from the lucrative advantages and optimized fee structures that our premium partner banks grant us.

Of course this description only provides a broad overview of what we would be pleased to discuss with you in detail.

About Us

Success in our team thanks to specialist expertise and many years of experience

Traditional understanding of banking, expertise and passion

We believe that the key components of successful asset management lie in a high degree of expertise, dependability, and a deep understanding of the individual needs of our clients.

Our highly qualified consultants will guide clients professionally and competently on their journey, internalizing their individual goals, and utilizing specialized know-how to secure and increase client's assets.

Our Team

We firmly believe that we can only be sustainably successful if we work as a team. Each Vinga team member has different strengths and areas of focus that they use in the interest of our customers. In this way, our team benefits from a variety of viewpoints, specialist knowledge and experience that we can call upon and discuss constructively. This important input ensures that we are permanently further developing and can satisfy our-high quality standards in the long term.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients that are founded on trust, discretion and integrity.


Guidelines and principles of the Vinga Financial Consultancy

As a reputable asset management firm with in-depth experience and high standards of quality, our aim is to develop and maintain sustainable customer relationships. Short-term profit is not our intention. Instead, we believe far more in values such as trust, discretion and integrity as means of creating a viable foundation for a constructive, fruitful collaboration over many years.


Expertise, reliability and tradition are the cornerstones of our work

We firmly believe that the key factors for successful asset management are a high level of expertise, reliability and a profound understanding of the individual needs of our customers. Our highly qualified team will accompany you on your way professionally and competently, internalizing your individual goals and leveraging specialist know-how to secure and increase your wealth.


Exclusive service for successful, sustainable asset management

We provide our customers with premium professional, personalized and proactive service. Your consultant will coordinate the mandate and scope of services with you in detail in order to provide the best possible support with regard to the management, optimization and safeguarding of your wealth. At the same time, we assure that you are extensively informed about every step and every decision that affects the performance of the portfolio.

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How to Find Us

If you have any questions about our services, require more information about the options we provide or would like to arrange a personal appointment, you can contact our team through a number of channels.


Rotfluhstrasse 91
8702 Zollikon - Zurich